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“A school with happiness and nurturing at its core”

Why Edgeborough? With an emphasis on a happy, family atmosphere, Edgeborough fosters all round development and a balanced, first class education. Excellent pastoral care is at the heart of everything we do, encouraging pupils to develop self-confidence, independence and creativity, while our stunning grounds further enhance the education that we are able to provide. 

Whether it be woodland walks crunching through leaves in autumn, throwing snowballs with the Headmaster in winter, or exploring the new life on the trees in spring, pupil learning really does cover every inch of our grounds. We are a school where the children run back to their classrooms red faced after a game of cricket at breaktime and put on wellies and a coat and head outside when it rains. The exploring never stops.

Small class sizes ensure that each child’s progress is recognised and encouraged, while a strong emphasis is placed on thinking and questioning skills, with pupils taught how to learn independently and as part of a team. We ensure that your children are well prepared for the exciting challenges they will face at one of the many excellent day and boarding senior schools available both locally and nationally, with 20 scholarships awarded in 2018. 

The school is also at the beginning of an exciting new era following the arrival of Headmaster, Dan Thornburn, in September 2017. He has brought a wealth of experience and a unique balance of skills, including academic strength, sporting pedigree and a strong ability to communicate and inspire. All of these traits have been displayed in the short amount of time he and his family have been here, including a continuation of the school’s development, progression and forward-thinking. 

“I strive for every one of our pupils to be happy here.  Happy children, who want to come to school, will eventually find something to latch on to and throw their energies into.  Happy children thrive and succeed; and Edgeborough is full of success stories.”

More information can be found at or by contacting our Admissions Registrar, Christine Davis, at or by calling 01252 792495

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