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Remember to Live More Cook Less!

Gourmade came to be after wanting excellent quality, delicious home-cooked meals but needing a convenient solution.

We’ve worked hard to develop our recipes, so that each and every one encourages you all to ‘live more and cook less’.

Finding time to prepare a quality meal from scratch can take time and effort when we are all leading such busy lifestyles.

Just because you are time short doesn’t mean you need to compromise on quality, so that’s where we come in! From Butternut Squash Lasagne, to Steak & Ale Pie, we make real ready meals for the 21st century; specially crafted for you.

Check out our fantastic range of mains, sides, and tasty desserts. It’s as simple as ordering online and having them delivered straight to your door in no time! 

We are pleased to offer members a 5% discount on any order. 

Simply use the discount code LR19 at the checkout. 

Remember to Live More Cook Less! 

0845 2411 568

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